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The benefits of Klonopin to patients with anxiety disorder are many as this drug can decrease feelings of nervousness, anxiety and tension. This drug does a good job of providing the patient with anxiety disorder an overall feeling of calmness.
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When this medication is used to treat someone with panic disorder, the feeling of being on-edge all the time and overly-aroused can be significantly decreased. When a patient is able to manage these types of symptoms by taking Klonopin, he or she can enjoy a more positive social life and be given the ability to perform well at work.

When Klonopin is used to control epilepsy, it can help stop seizure clusters and can also prove beneficial in treating myoclonic seizures. And for a person who typically has a warning before a large seizure like an aura or a series of small seizures, this medication may be able to prevent the larger seizure if taken when the warning begins.

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